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9,438 Lunches Served

          We began serving lunches on Friday, May 27 in the area covered by Berkshire, Cardinal and Chardon Schools. On June 4 we added the Newbury area. Our last day was Monday, August 15, 2022.


226 Children representing 84 families were registered

        While 226 children were registered for the summer lunch program representing 84 families. Not every child received lunch every day. Some only received it on certain days of the week, some only while they were at a relative’s home, some were out of town for some of the days, school activities began, families moved, parents returned to work and were a few that just quit showing up to pick up their lunches.

  •   2 children were from Auburn

  • 29 children were from Burton

  • 21 children were from Chardon

  •   6 children were from Chesterland

  • 10 children were from Claridon – Chardon School District

  •   9 children were from Claridon – Berkshire School District

  •   5 children were from Cleveland

  • 20 children were from Hambden

  •   2 children were from Hartsgrove

  • 18 children were from Huntsburg

  • 40 children were from Middlefield

  • 17 children were from Montville

  • 13 children were from Newbury

  •   7 children were from Parkman

  •   2 children were from Painesville

  •   1 child was from Rock Creek

  • 12 children were from Thompson

  •   7 children were from Troy

  •   5 children were from Windsor



          All children in school and younger were able to participate in our lunch program. The ages of our registered children were as follows:

  •    6 – age 1

  •    9 – age 2

  •  10 – age 3

  •  11 – age 4

  •  20 – age 5

  •  18 – age 6

  •  21 – age 7

  •  18 – age 8

  •  11 – age 9

  •  16 – age 10

  •  18 – age 11

  •  11 – age 12

  •  14 – age 13

  •  14 – age 14

  •  14 – age 15

  •  10 – age 16

  •    3 – age 17

  •    2 – age 18


 76 Volunteers

          76 Volunteers donated 2,066 hours this summer on Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday mornings preparing, packing and delivering lunches. An additional 423 hours were spent on the program outside of Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. Total number of volunteer hours this past summer was 2,489! Of the 76 volunteers, 54 were adults and 22 were students.


Students came from areas covered by:

  • Berkshire School District

  • Cardinal School District

  • Chardon School District

  • Cleveland City Schools

  • Painesville Township School


19 Delivery Locations – 18 Homes – 1 Apartment Complex

          Each day seven drivers delivered to multiple locations. Some lunches were even delivered to the home of the child(ren) if the parent did not have transportation or would be at work and not able to bring the child(ren) to pick up lunch at the delivery time. Others were picked up at Claridon Congregational Church. The rest were delivered to the following locations where families met our drivers to gather the children’s lunches.



  • Burton Library

  • Tiffany’s Learning Center

  • MapleView Church


  • Chardon Christian Fellowship Church


  • Claridon Congregational Church

  • Jacques

  • Aquilla Village

  • Headwaters Park


  • Leaders


  • Huntsburg Town Hall


  • Middlefield Library

  • Mineral Lake Park


  • Montville Community Center


  • Veterans Legacy Woods

  • Newbury Town Hall


  • Parkman Community House


  • Thompson Methodist Church

  • Rustic Pines


  • Blue Jay Orchards



$7,038.52 in Donations

        Monetary donations totaling $7,038.52 were received this year.


$20534.80 in Food Expenses

          Food purchased for the children added up to $20534.80. The food for each lunch cost $2.18. The estimated expense per lunch before the start of the summer was $3.21 per lunch.

We received large donations of meat from Geauga Hunger Task Force Food Pantries. In addition, New Mercies Church, in conjunction with the Mennonite cannery, canned chicken for us. This was enough chicken to feed all the children 7 meals! We also received sausage from the Berkshire Athletic Boosters after pancake season was over. With all these meat donations we only spent $1,713.06 on meat for our hot meals.

          Children received milk to drink Monday through Thursday and received apple juice on Friday. The cost of milk was $6,440. The apple juice was $730.28.

          In their bag lunches on Tuesday and Thursday they received a ham and cheese sandwich with a total cost of $2,647.94. A yogurt, cost totaling $2,216.63. A granola bar cost totaling $1,049.93 and a fresh piece of fruit at a cost of $1765.54.

          Each week the children had a fresh salad courtesy of Great Lakes Growers. The rest of the money spent on food was for the rest of the items needed for making hot lunches. This included, but not limited to, canned vegetables, sauces such as pizza sauce and BBQ sauce, and of course baking supplies. Children received a homemade cookie fresh from the oven only hours before every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



$3029.34 in Non-Food Expenses

          As we began this year, we needed to purchase all of our containers for the lunches as we used up all that we had last year. This includes tins to put the hot lunches in, bowls for the fresh salad on Wednesdays, 2-ounce containers for the salad dressing and brown bags for the lunches on Tuesday and Thursday. For these items we spent $1,791.14. We also needed to purchase more delivery bags this year costing $334.90.

          In the past we only had one platform cart. With 7 people each trying to get multiple bags and crates up the elevator, we purchased 2 more platform carts this year for $178.17.

          The rest of the non-food expenses were gloves, sandwich bags, measured serving spoons, parchment paper and such.

          We did receive a donation of new frying pans, as the ones we had were wore out. This same family also donated the double oven to the church.



 Thank you!


  • Claridon Congregational Church

  • 76 Volunteers

  • Geauga County Hunger Task Force

  • Geauga County Food Pantries

  • Solid Rock LLC

  • Burton Middlefield Rotary

  • St. Patrick’s Church

  • Great Lakes Growers

  • Heritage Meats

  • Save A Lot

  • Rowdy Cow Creamery of Hastings Dairy

  • River Valley Produce

  • Women United of United Way Services of Geauga

  • Geauga County Library - Chardon


  • 100+ Women Who Care East Geauga

  • GAR Paving

  • New Mercies Church

  • Chardon Christian Fellowship

  • Abundant Life Church

  • Geauga Financial Advisors

  • Family of Judith Ayer

  • Preston Country Club

  • Berkshire Athletic Boosters

  • A Kid at Art for the Heart

  • Kathy Pinkava

  • Cindy Boehnlein

  • Kok Leffel

  • Andy Bushman

  • Halee VanderMaas

  • Deborah Palmisano

  • Barbara Townsend

  • Pam Austin

  • James Barnes

  • Janice Sugarman

  • Larry Wilson

  • Chardon VFW Post 6519

  • Linda Potter

  • Lydia McKenzie

  • Debbie Scott

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