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In 2023 we:


  • We assisted with a car repair so that the family could safely get to and from work and school.

  • We received two grants from Geauga Hunger Task Force. The first was to be used for our community dinners. The second for our summer lunch program.


  • We held a Snow Day Fundraiser for our summer lunch program.


  • A quiet month.


  • A quiet month.


  • The electricity had been shut off for a family as they were too far behind on their electric bill. The amount due was large and more than we could assist with. We could put a small amount towards the bill, but it would still be a while before the electric bill would be paid. Instead, we purchased a generator for the family so that they could run water and keep things cold in their refrigerator.

  • We held a food drive in the schools within Geauga County to be used for our Summer Lunch program.

  • School is out. “Now That’s What I’m Talking About!” Summer Lunch program began its 5th year.


  • We received a grant from Kiwanis of Ohio Foundation for our summer lunch program.


  • We received a request to assist with a water bill. Unfortunately, this water bill was much too large for us to assist with. We gave the family the contact information for JFS to see if their program could assist in any way.

  • We received a request from the Geauga County Department of Aging to assist with funding to have a ramp built for a senior citizen. Unfortunately, we were unable to assist as we didn’t have the money.


  • We completed the 2023 Summer Lunch program. 13,102 meals were prepared and served. 329 children were registered for the program, though the average day was 250. $30,867.44 were the expenses.


  • We teamed up with Claridon Congregational Church for a basket raffle and bake sale. We split the profits evenly with the church.


  • We provided rent assistance for a person. All the paperwork had been filed with JFS and just needed assistance until housing came through the following month.

  • A mom reached out to receive assistance on repairing her son’s vehicle so that it would pass e-check. Hambden Tire took the time to look at the vehicle to give an estimate. Unfortunately, the young man didn’t realize the catalytic convertor had been cut off when he purchased it.


  • We held a Scavenger Hunt fundraiser for our summer lunch program.

  • We provided new windshield wipers for a person.


  • Geauga Housing Authority contacted us to see if we could assist with some basic housing supplies for a new tenant who only had a suitcase with personal belongings. Between Geauga Faith Rescue Mission and their contacts, New Testament Baptist Church, Geauga Food Pantries and Claridon Community Helps, the tenant received just about everything to start the next chapter in a new apartment.

  • We provided Christmas to children and their mom, who had recently found housing after being at Women’s Safe.

  • We provided food and connections to a family whose medical bills were piling up.

  • We aided with bills of a senior citizen who was a victim of elder abuse.

  • We picked up food from the local Geauga food pantries and delivered to multiple families who didn’t have transportation.

  • In 2023 we provided 888 meals at our community dinner once a month. The cost to provide those meals was $1551.17.

I am proud to say that our fixed operating costs; telephone, insurance, post office box, internet domain and our accountant for filing taxes is only 2% of our income.

Making a difference, one neighbor at a time

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