In 2019 we:

  • Initiated "Now That's What I'm Talking About! - Summer Lunch Program

  • Provided 2,849 lunches to children during the summer

  • Provided all the essential non-food items needed to prepare, package and distribute lunches

  • Coordinated with other local agencies to distribute books and school supplies to 114 children during the summer

  • Furnished a mailbox to a gentleman

  • Equipped a mother with new, safe tires

  • Assisted with an electric bill, keeping the electric from being disconnected

  • Provided the school nurse with hygiene supplies for 5th and 6th graders. This allows her to not only educate the children but provide them with the items needed

  • Coordinated with a local church, business and school in providing food and gifts for 4 families at Christmas

  • Responsible for ensuring 20 children received food, toys and clothing on Christmas morning

  • Served 623 dinners at our community meals

Making a difference, one neighbor at a time




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