In 2020 we:

  • Provided 18,136 lunches to children from March 16 through September 4 in the areas covered by Berkshire, Cardinal and Newbury School Districts

  • Provided an additional 852 lunches to children during the week of Christmas and New Years

  • Supplied the school nurse with hygiene products for 4th, 5th and 6th graders

  • Served 771 dinners at our community meals. These dinners were provided in a drive thru service from March through December

  • Aided in a car repair

  • Helped with two electric bills, keeping the electric from being disconnected

  • Assisted a person living in their car with household items for an apartment

  • Provided winter clothing for two children

  • In conjunction with Operation Home Front, we supplied 200 children with school supplies

  • In collaboration with Horizons Church we delivered 702 gallons of milk to families

  • Partnership with Geauga Faith Rescue Mission delivered 54 boxes each of dairy & produce to families

  • Blessed 20 elderly members of our community with Christmas presents

Making a difference, one neighbor at a time