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Summer Lunch 

Questions & Answers

Q: Who is eligible to receive lunch?

A: All children in school and younger.


Q: Is there an income eligibility requirement?

A: No, all children are welcome.


Q: Can anyone pick up the child’s lunch at the selected location?

A: No, the child MUST be present to receive a lunch.


Q: Will my child eat lunch at the pickup location or take it with them?

A: Lunches will already be prepacked for your child to pick up and take with them.


Q: If my child is not enrolled in Berkshire, Cardinal, Chardon or West Geauga School District, but will be spending time with someone in the school district, are they eligible to receive lunch?

A: Absolutely, as long as the child has been preregistered.


Q: I just found out about this program, is it too late to register?

A: Registration is continuous all summer. We do need 24 hours notice before the child can pick up their first meal.


Q: My child has a food allergy. Will they still be able to receive a meal?

A: We will do our best to work with you and your child to ensure your child receives lunch.


Q: My child would like to help prepare the meals. Will they receive lunch?

A: Yes. All children in school and younger who volunteer will receive lunch.


Q: If I register my child, do I need to receive lunch all summer or can I miss a few days or weeks when the child is unavailable?

A: A child can receive a meal for one day, one week, one month or whatever works for you and your family. We just ask that you let us know ahead of time please.


Q: Will there be only one pickup location in each township?

A: The number of pickup locations will be based on need. If there is a need for 3 different locations spread out in the township that is what we will do. If there is only a need for one location in the township, that is what we will do. Each township delivery location will be based on where the needs are most. 

      The 2023 delivery locations were: 

          Burton: Burton Library, Tiffany’s Learning Center
          Chardon: Chardon Christian Fellowship Church

          Chesterland: Chesterland Park
          Claridon: Claridon Congregational Church, Jacques, Aquilla Village and                                    Headwaters Park
          Hambden: Leaders
          Huntsburg: Huntsburg Town Hall
          Middlefield: Middlefield Library, Mineral Lake Park, Tiffany's Learning Center
          Montville: Montville Community Center
          Newbury: Veterans Legacy Woods, Newbury Town Hall, West Geauga Self Storage
          Parkman: Parkman Community House
          Thompson: Thompson Methodist Church, Rustic Pines
          Troy: Troy Community House


Q: How are locations determined?

A: The scheduled locations will be determined according to the registrations we receive. 


Q: When will I know where the pickup locations will be?

A: If you register before school is out, you will be notified about a week before the lunch program begins. If you register after school is out, you will be contacted within 24 hours of registering with your location.


Q: How will I be notified of the pickup locations?

A: Information with be emailed, received in a text message or a phone call. However, you chose to receive correspondences at registration.


Q: How do I register my child?

A: You may complete the registration form and either mail it to P.O. Box 12, E. Claridon, OH 44033. Registration can also be made online at You may also call 440-321-5596 to register over the phone.

Q. What if I have an extra child at my house for the day or week?

A. Just contact Judi at 440-321-5596 and lunch will be included for the extra child.

Q. Can I receive lunch on only a certain day of the week or for only a portion of summer?

A. Absolutely, just let us know.


Q: Will there be available a menu so that I can see what meals are scheduled?

A: No. Hot meals will be based on items that can be purchased on sale and food that is donated. The hot lunch will include a protein, vegetable, fruit, salad and milk. Bagged lunches will include a meat and cheese sandwich, yogurt, fruit or vegetable, granola bar and milk or juice.

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